Elysium String Quartet FAQs



How do I reserve a date for my event?
Your date is reserved when we receive your signed contract. To check availability of any date and time, simply send us a message at elysiumquartet@gmail.com.

How long do you play for a wedding ceremony?
The music will begin 15-20 minutes before the start time of your ceremony. Musicians will arrive about 30 minutes before the ceremony.
After your chosen recessional piece, the quartet will continue to play one or two more pieces. However, if prior arrangements are made, we can play while you are greeting people in a reception line or dismissing guests from their seats.

Can you play outside?
Absolutely. We have played at many beautiful outdoor weddings and receptions. However, you should consider the size of the space to ensure that the quartet will be heard. Also, because the string instruments are delicate and valuable and very sensitive to direct sunlight, rain, and extreme heat and cold, proper shelter must be provided. This may include a tent or gazebo, but to be sure you should discuss your specific situation with the quartet.

What will the quartet wear?
We typically wear all black. Women wear all black pants or skirts, and men can wear suits or tuxes. You may specify the degree of formality or informality.

Can I hear you play?
If you would like to hear the quartet play, you have several options. We have a demo CD that we can mail to you. We can also tell you about upcoming events. We will also be adding sound clips to our “Repertoire” page in the near future. You can be sure that the musicians will provide the highest quality of music possible.

Can you play special requests?
We have an extensive repertoire of music. However, if you want to hear a piece that is not currently in our collection, we will do our best to find it for you. There will be a fee assessed to cover the cost of the music and the arranging time.



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